Taco Tuesday on the grill

This is a recipe that was inspired by two of my favorites: my meal kit/grocery delivery service (Good Eggs) and one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco (Cala), who had teamed up to offer this recipe as a meal kit.

My friend who got me hooked on Good Eggs had told me about these tacos (that’s partly what inspired me to try them), but by the time I started getting deliveries from them, this meal kit wasn’t available anymore.  I was disappointed, but undeterred, and a month or two later I decided to try something on my own.  Instead of just ordering the ingredients to make their recipe, I took the idea of tacos, sweet potatoes, & passionfruit as my inspiration and created something a little different. One of these days, I will have to make their recipe and see which one I like better (or if you try them both, leave a comment and let me know.  I promise it won’t hurt my feelings if theirs is better).

I made this back in December, which is still grilling season out here in California (pretty much any time of year is grilling season, for that matter).  I thought grilling the sweet potatoes and the mangoes for the salsa would be a nice touch.   If you don’t feel like grilling, you could roast the sweet potatoes instead.

For the salsa, I cut the mangoes into ~1″ cubes, tossed them with some olive oil, smoked salt, and ancho chile, and grilled them for about 10 minutes.  I did the same with some red bell peppers (you could use any other peppers as well, I used red mostly for the color).  After grilling, I put them in a bowl, scraped the insides of the passionfruit into the bowl as well, and mixed the fruits together along with the red bell pepper.  I let everything cool for a little, then squeezed in some lime juice for some more acidity (the passionfruit on its own wasn’t quite acidic enough), then added one jalapeño (you can add more or less, depending on how spicy you want the salsa to be).  The salsa was delicious enough that I could have eaten it all by itself, but eating it with the sweet potatoes & black beans made for a more satisfying dinner.

For the sweet potatoes, I started by slicing them into ~1″ cubes.  I tossed them with a bit of olive oil, some smoked salt, and some ancho chile powder.  (I have a gas grill, so I use smoked salt to compensate for some of the additional flavor I could have achieved by grilling with charcoal instead.  I have also learned that anytime you could use regular salt, using smoked salt instead adds depth & complexity to your flavors.)  As I grilled them, after about 15-20 minutes, they were starting to dry out, so I ended up pulling them off the grill and putting them in the microwave for a couple minutes to get them soft all the way through.  You could probably microwave first, then finish on the grill, but having them a little firmer while on the grill makes it easier to turn them and to remove them from the grill.  I also warmed up some black beans on the stove (I used these, but you could use any other brand as well).

This was about the time I realized that, while I thought I’d ordered tortillas, apparently I hadn’t, so I decided to do “deconstructed” tacos without the tortillas (I’m sure they would be equally good with them, if you want actual tacos).

I garnished my deconstructed tacos with some queso fresco, caviar/finger limes, and a little cilantro.  If you wanted, you could use crème fraiche instead of or in addition to the queso fresco.   I loved the finger lime garnish and highly recommend it if you can find them.  They looked great topping off the tacos, and the refreshing pop of acidity was the perfect finishing touch for the flavor as well.  (To use them, I cut off one end and then squeezed–the segments come out looking like caviar.)
sweet potato tacos
Sweet potatoes, sliced into ~1″ cubes
Black beans
Tortillas (optional?)
Smoked salt
Ancho chile powder
Olive oil

1-2 mangos
~2-3 passionfruit
Red bell pepper
Ancho chile powder
Jalapeños (to taste)
Lime juice
Smoked salt
Olive Oil

Queso fresco
Finger lime

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