About Me

Hi!  I’m Liz.  I am lucky enough to live in the food-lover’s paradise of the San Francisco Bay Area, and I love exploring the huge variety of food & wine offerings in the area.  I love to dine at restaurants in San Francisco & the East Bay and explore wine country (primarily Sonoma County, near Healdsburg & Santa Rosa).  I love to cook as well, and will share recipes from time to time.  Fair warning: I am not really a recipe person, so while I always know what I added, I may not always know exactly how much of it I used.  I’m mostly vegetarian, although recently I added fish/seafood back into my diet (still fairly infrequently, though).

One of my other passions is photography, and I love to take road trips to places that will inspire beautiful photos (and ideally give me some wining & dining opportunities along the way), so on occasion I may go off-topic and post about hiking or other non-food & wine related topics.

I’m originally from Cleveland, but have been in the Bay Area for nearly 16 years now, and love it here.  I’m a scientist turned marketer, and my day job is working in consumer insights for a consumer packaged goods company.  Besides wine, food, and photography, my other hobbies include running, cycling, tennis, genealogy, and hanging out with my two adorable miniature Australian Shepherds, aka “The Crazies”.  Ellie (the blue merle) is nearly 11, but still perfectly capable of jumping up onto the kitchen counter to snag herself a snack if I’m careless enough to leave food out.  Fletcher (tricolor) is nearly 10 and, while he’s still quite a jumper, he can’t jump quite as high as Ellie, so he leaves the hard work of procuring snacks to his sister.  They both love to help me out in the kitchen, and my biggest cooking challenge is avoiding stepping on them (the second biggest challenge is keeping dog hair out of whatever I’m making).

Please feel free to leave comments on my posts, and follow me to get notifications when I add content, or follow me on Facebook and Instagram (links in the footer).  You can also reach me by email at winedinecook@gmail.com.